"It takes someone who is willing to learn to be great." - Dr. Chizoma Nosiri


The Non-Western Female Consumer: A Look at Confidence, Culture Conflict, Communication Clashes and Western Corporation Computer-Mediated Communication Platforms
By: Dr. Chizoma Nosiri

* The intent of this cross-cultural study was to determine if the Western corporations' CMC complaint of a select group of NWFCs, who were born, raised, and live in China, Nigeria, and India, is affected by their self-confidence, cultural norms, or language barriers.

* The study determined the factors that make Western corporations' online tools unfavorable to the select group of NWFCs when it comes to expressing their concerns as opposed to complaining and addressing conflict issues with the local native businesses in their country.

* The study explored the difference in her confidence level and behavior during a complaint using corporate CMC tools contrasted with social media platforms (i.e. Facebook or Twitter).

* The strength of this study rests on the official qualitative research indicating the relationship and influence of self-confidence, cultural norms, or language structure of the selected group of NWFC population.

* This study investigated the female consumer's confidence level during face-to-face interactions with corporation personnel verses her interaction using organization's computer-mediated-communication consumer complaint tools.
* This study provides an analysis and understanding of the female consumer's perspective, concerns, and decisions regarding complaint method.
* Findings from the research allow organizations to implement positive female consumer communication, positive female word-of-mouth communication about organizations, implement strategies to promote successful effective consumer and organization relation and efficient organizations' computer-mediated-communication for consumer, proper avenues to regain and retain loyal female consumers, determine ways to revamp personnel face-to-face approaches in interacting with female consumers, and new methods and tools to revamp organization consumer relations.