"It takes someone who is willing to learn to be great." - Dr. Chizoma Nosiri


As a behavioral change agent, motivational keynote speaker, leadership business development consultant, confidence counselor and self esteem guru, presentation specialist, public speaking expert, and positive communication master, Dr. Chizoma Nosiri has inspired thousands of individuals and many organizations to overcome their challenges and become their best. Dr. Nosiri uses behavior change communication and her formulated methodology in positive communication to transform and produce successful organizational change and empower individual change. As a catalyst for change and a strategist for success, Dr. Nosiri creates positive change in minutes, that last a lifetime. She provides tools to build a positive life, personally and professionally. She drives client success through customized large-group seminars, conferences, workshops, and private coaching. For the past fifteen years, Dr. Nosiri has provided her clients, readers, and listeners with the tools to build their communication skills, confidence and esteem, public speaking skills, and the motivation and inspiration to revamp their lives in order to maximize their potential. Dr. Nosiri has worked with many organizations and individuals, assisting them to discover their path, realize their power, and motivate themselves to succeed. 

Dr. Nosiri has a Ph.D. in Communication, Culture and Media Studies, graduating summa cum laude, awarded Highest Distinction for her dissertation which focused on international women, cross-cultural and intercultural communication, confidence, conflict and consumership. She received a Master's degree in Organizational Communications, graduating summa cum laude, awarded Highest Distinction for her thesis which focused on Western women, confidence, conflict and consumership.

Dr. Nosiri speaks, coaches, lectures and researches on communication, self-esteem, confidence, public speaking, culture, organizational change, intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, gender, international communication, organizational communication, conflict mediation and resolution. Dr. Nosiri has been featured on several radio shows and has been the keynote speaker for several seminars, confidence workshops, and events.

Dr. Nosiri believes that, "When you change your mindset, you change your life."